Available in either single or dual frequency, the Anilox roll cleaning Melanie system incorporates advanced Alphasound technology at an affordable price.

Despite the small appearance and price tag; this Anilox roll cleaner has the potential to clean up to six rolls simultaneously with a cleaning ability that is usually found in high specification Ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Features at a glance

A budget bench top roll cleaning system.

5 tank lengths available: 600, 710, 900, 1200 and 1380mm.

Tank widths available: 250mm and 350mm.

Includes manual fill and simple drainage.

Can clean up to 6 x 400mm face anilox rolls or 1 x 1320mm face anilox sleeve.

Closed rotation.

Largest length will accommodate one offset coating, or flexible packaging anilox up to 1,090mm face and 200 diameter.

Available in single or dual frequency.