Introducing The Medstar Range

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The Medstar range has been under development to ensure 100% removal of protein from surgical equipment. This will also reduce the number of theatre-borne infections that are becoming more common.

Researchers were carrying out hundreds of individual cleaning tests during the development process to ensure that all machines comply with the NHS guideline HTM01-01 (2016). This stipulates the maximum allowable protein count at 5µg per side, as well as setting out a framework for when system validation cycles should take place. Furthermore, the ability to remove bacteria to levels, greater than log 5 can potentially be achieved.

All of our system have a full validation cycle for every aspect of the device. This includes the Ultrasonics through our unique CVD (Cavitation Validation Device). The hand-held piece of equipment will enable the on-going validation of the Ultrasonics. Companies have the ability to view and save results for continual recording.

Medstar systems represent the pinnacle in surgical equipment cleaning. Each function is valid, from the incoming mains electricity to the chemical delivery pump. You can record and save results to any mass storage device, including directly to a hospital server.

A key benefit of the Medstar is that it only requires a small amount of cleaning agent and therefore, you don’t need to do any scrubbing.

We create the machine to deliver consistently  low levels of residual proteins and bacteria removal. The Medstar Plus is a bespoke system designed to any size and specification. This makes them an ideal fit for surgical and sterile spaces.

The Medstar range will be available soon.