Introducing Alphasonics USA

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Alphasonics USA has landed.

Alphasonics USA is a design to serve the US flexographic printing market by providing cutting-edge ultrasonic cleaning technology.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, we are dedicating our time to increase the US market share through the use of  direct sales force.

Chris Jones will be the Vice President, leaving behind his Marketing duties in the UK office. He says, “I am excited to be fronting this venture. It is a design to take us further into a market that has been neglected for too long. I am determined to bring out the best of technical expertise, quality of service and a product that will bring unrivalled results into print houses.”

The move across the pond is part of a program of expansion for the Alphasonics team as they make their way into the Medical industry.

David Jones, the Managing Director says, “We have discovered that surgical cleaning has the same issues as print, just in reverse. Whether that is through poor Ultrasonic distribution or unequal application of chemicals. In the same way, we guarantee a consistent, safe and effective delivery of Ultrasonics to clean an Anilox. We can remove germs and prion protein from surgical equipment. It is an exciting time for the Alphasonics team.

As a result of the move, Alphasonics are now in the process of expanding their production facility. This follows the achievement of an ISO 13485 production quality standard which gears the company to producing medical grade cleaning systems.

Alphasonics USA is due to open in February 2018. You can also follow them on Twitter for regular updates.