ALP 2200 Cannula Tube Cleaning

Alphasonics x ALP 2200

Alphasonics is an ISO13485 accredited producer of high quality, high specification cleaning systems predominantly for the Healthcare and Printing sectors, with around 3000 systems produced since 1993. The technology is unique, with several patented features that assist in the delivery of an incredibly even distribution of sound that enables very precise and consistent cleaning, which is unsurpassed across the world.

In late 2018, the company produced a very special cleaning system for a Asian Cannula tube manufacturer. This device was designed to clean drawing oils from up to 150,000 meters of tube per day in various lengths up to 2.2m. These tubes ranged from 0.4mm inside diameter to 1mm inside diameter.

This multi-stage system washed, rinsed and dried the tube in a thorough, quick and efficient manner to both inner and outer surfaces, meeting every requirement set out by the customer in the original specification.

Alphasonics invite quotation requests from any such tube manufacturer worldwide and would give any such requests their upmost attention. In the first instance, please contact David Jones to discuss further.