Users of the flexographic and gravure printing processes often face difficulties with cleaning their rolls, especially where high-screen counts are present. The use of higher line aniloxes in particular means that rolls need to be cleaned more regularly and as such, printers can face concerns over damage. In this regard, Alphasonics are the only manufacturers who offer a written Roll Safety Guarantee with every system we sell. This is unique in this sector.

Further good news is that Alphasonics have developed a range of cleaning systems that will not only provide the highest cleaning standards available anywhere, but that are also completely safe for regular use even on the highest screen counts.

The reason that we can make these claims is because of the unique and advanced technologies that are ‘as standard’ in all of Alphasonics equipment. These features deliver precise and consistent results. Several of these technologies are covered by world-wide patents, meaning that they are unavailable from other suppliers. Indeed, it has been shown that Alphasonics equipment offers the only technology that will deliver a very short return on investment and going forward will actually produce a profit. Something again that is not available from any other supplier.

Alphasonics - Print Brochure - 2019