Alphasonics x FST 430 Machine

In The Spotlight: 20 Year Old Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Alphasonics have recently showcased a 20-year-old machine. This is a prime example of the commitment of designing high quality Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems. The FST 430 System was first manufactured between the months of March and April 1999. With regular service and the customers commitment to ensuring a quality working environment, this system has the

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ALP 4460-1-655

In The Spotlight: ALP 4460-1-655

The ALP 4460-1-655 system has been designed for cleaning large gravure cylinders and Anilox Rolls for a European Vinyl Floor Manufacturer. This particular system can clean rolls up to 3500kg in weight within twenty minutes. The device also has a separate rinse and dry cycle. The system also includes several unique and intelligent technologies that

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advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems, anilox, ultrasonics cleaning

Why Press And Anilox Manufacturers Choose Advanced Ultrasonic As Their Cleaning Method

Measurements of Ultrasonic cavitation have advanced. This brings improvements to the application of high frequency sound. Therefore, it allows the fluid to deliver an even spread of activity which makes it safe and effective for Anilox roll cleaning. Volume Measuring Microscopes It is now possible to predict the life of an Anilox. This is a

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