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Roll Safety Guarantee

Since Alphasonics opened, we have never had a compliant for Ultrasonic damage to an Anilox roll.

In 2016, the development of a device that accurately measures the activity of ultrasound in a tank of fluid showed that Ultrasonic damage is impossible with an Alphasonics device. This was originally demonstrated in 2015 when we carried out a live simulated cleaning trial.

From the video and the analytical evidence from our CVD, it gives us great confidence to issue a Roll Safety Guarantee with every system sold into Flexo. No other Ultrasonic Anilox cleaner supplier can do this.

On-Going Performance Guarantee

It is one thing owning a top-end piece of equipment such as an Alphasound device, but it is something else to keep it running at its optimum.

Achieving optimum performance and enabling full control of the Anilox is wholly conditional on the on-going performance of the cleaning system and although when it is first installed, an Alphasound system will deliver the above, but over time maintenance will be required to enable the continuance of these benefits.

In this regard, we have launched our Anilox Healthcare Program to our UK customers which has been designed to ensure that the device continues to perform at its optimum. We have also rolled this out too many of our overseas agents. The program not only includes a every 3-month general clean and tune-up, but also Cavitation and AniCam readings to enable on-going validation and control.

Our Anilox Healthcare Program entitles you to our Performance Guarantee which is that your Alphasound system is guaranteed to deliver 100% clean Aniloxes, 100% of the time. *General wear and tear excluded*

Alphasonics Anilox Health Care Program (2019 version)