Healthcare Guarantees

HTM 01-01 Compliance Guarantee (Residual Protein Level)

Our guarantee in this sector is that all ultrasonic surgical systems, when used in conjunction with Alphasonics approved chemistry and regularly serviced, will consistently render instruments or equipment to under 5µ residual protein during the initial 2 year warranty.

In addition, we guarantee that our Medstar1, Medstar2 and Medstar3 devices in particular, will fully comply with HTM 01-01 (2016) in all relevant aspects.


On-Going Compliance Guarantee (Residual Protein Level)

There is an undeniable requirement for systems in this sector to consistently run at their optimum for patient safety. This factor alone makes the need for on-going management of the device a critical requirement.

Within this sector, we offer a full-service package with quarterly site visits to help maintain the systems at their best. Choosing a service package with your Medstar device will also entitle you to our On-Going Compliance and Performance Guarantee.

In healthcare, our On-Going Compliance and Performance Guarantee states that the device will render surgical equipment to under 5µ residual protein as per the HTM 01-01 2016 guidelines, both within and well beyond the original 2-year warranty.

Operator misuse, use of non-approved chemistry or general wear and tear are excluded.